Crucial Audio Wah Velope, vaccum tube, wah, envelope filter, pedal, ruby tubes,
Crucial Audio Wah Velope, vaccum tube, wah, envelope filter, pedal, ruby tubes,

Crucial Audio

The WahVelope Vacuum Tube Auto Wah Envelope Filter

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WahVelope  =  Auto Wah + Envelope Filter + Vacuum Tubes

The WahVelope takes you on a Deep Sonic Journey and Delivers Galaxies of Sounds.

The WahVelope works great with Guitar, Bass, Synth, Vocals, and more. Crucial Audio’s Luxurious Sounding Devices have been cherished by world leading artists, engineers & producers since 2007.

Featuring two selected 12AX7 Vacuum Tubes, Fourteen Analog Parameter Controls, a Beautiful Sonic Image, Low Noise/High-Voltage Design, and Heavy-Duty Construction to endure the toughest of touring environments. Crucial Audio® Vacuum Tube Products deliver warm and organically harmonic tones.

Order The WahVelope Now and Elevate Your Sound.

WahVelope Product Features:

  • Critically Acclaimed Crucial Audio® Vacuum Tube Circuitry
  • Dual Value Hand Wound Custom Inductor!
  • Dual Hand Crafted Opto-Couplers = Optical Sonic Isolation with Smooth Frequency Resonance Sweeps
  • Expression Pedal Input for traditional WAH pedal functionality
  • Gain, Output Level & Tone Controls – Set the sound from Clean to Serious Overdrive
  • Envelope Sense – Controls Trigger Threshold for the Envelope Filter
  • Wah Voice – Controls the amount of frequency resonance (ie ‘Bark’ or ‘Quack’ of the WAH sound)
  • Manual Control – Sets the range of the WAH (only in Auto Wah of WahVelope Mode)
  • Auto Wah Rate & Depth Controls – Sets the speed and amount of WAH modulation
  • WAH UP/DOWN Switch – Sets the direction of the WAH travel (WAH or HAW)
  • L1/L2 Switch – Selects the Dual Inductor Value for 500mH or 600mH
  • WahVelope/SEL Switch – Sets the mode to Wahvelope or Select Mode (via ENV/AUTO Switch)
  • ENV/AUTO Switch – Selects Envelope Filter or Auto Wah Mode (when WahVelope Switch is set to SEL)
  • MAN/FULL Switch – Selects Manual Mode or Full Range Mode for Auto Wah and WahVelope Modes.
  • Input Level Attenuator PAD switch for instrument & active pickups or line levels.
  • No Op-Amps in Audio Path – Pure Tube Tone
  • High Voltage Low Noise Design
  • Two Selected 12AX7 Preamp Tubes
  • Engineered, Tested & Assembled at Crucial Audio HQ.
  • 18Vdc (Positive Tip 2.1mm) Power Supply (included).
  • Rugged Construction & Excellent Craftmanship
  • WahVelope Owner’s Manual (Coming Soon)
  • Dimensions: 8.375″ x 6.125″ x 3.5″ (213mm x 156mm x 89mm)
  • Weight: 2lbs 6.5 ounces (1.092 kg)
  • Demo Videos
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty