Ruby 6L6 Power Vacuum Tube
Ruby 6L6 Power Vacuum Tube
Ruby 6L6 Power Vacuum Tube

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Ruby 6L6 Power Vacuum Tube

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Our best 6L6GC tube. Full sounding with good power and very durable construction.

A rugged copy of the Philips STR tubes.

"These tubes sound great. good tight bass notes in clean mode or heavy overdrive mode. No ice picky

highs. Very full warm tone that kicks ya in the chest like a good tube should! construction is far superior to the Shuguang tube, & the sound is much more balanced also" -

Tubesonic Audio - Sacramento

Our most popular 6L6

All RUBY™ Tube power tubes come already matched. There is no extra charge for this service. Our Magic Parts matching process is very exact and our tubes are matched within +/- 1 ma(mille amp) of each other.

6 month warranty on all tubes